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Know someone who has ovarian or other gynecological cancer, and needs financial assistance, download the financial request form.

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We are a volunteer-based organization, if you would like to get involved email us or call 920.366.4672.

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The Ovarian Cancer Community Outreach program can help your family pass on a legacy of compassion through your Will or Estate.
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Thank you so very much for the assistance you provided for Mary P. As you know, by the time we detect gynecological cancers, they usually have progressed to stage III and stage IV cancers.  Specifically in Mary's case, she has worked her entire life. However, like many of us, she lives paycheck to paycheck. We completed an SSDI application as soon as she was diagnosed, however, there is a 5 month waiting period before she receives those benefits. Although she receives long term disability from her employer, it does not even cover her monthly insurance premium which she is 100% responsible for now that she is no longer able to work. Without the help of your organization, Mary was facing eviction and disconnection of her utilities and phone services. Her number one priority is maintaining her health insurance so she can continue with her treatments, now thanks to your assistance, she is able to.  Unless a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in our community, her resources for assistance are extremely limited. We are so grateful for this wonderful foundation and support for women diagnosed with gynecological cancers. 

— Carrie Condon MSW
   CAPSW Medical Social Worker
   Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic