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Financial Request

Know someone who has ovarian or other gynecological cancer, and needs financial assistance, download the financial request form.

How to Help

We are a volunteer-based organization, if you would like to get involved email us or call 920.366.4672.

Leave Your Legacy

The Ovarian Cancer Community Outreach program can help your family pass on a legacy of compassion through your Will or Estate.
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Our Mission

The Ovarian Cancer Community Outreach, Inc. is dedicated to supporting those affected by ovarian cancer. Our mission is threefold:

• Assist individuals with financial support to offset the costs of cancer treatments and other expenses when diagnosed with ovarian cancer or undergoing treatments for ovarian cancer (and other gynecological cancers).

• Unite with our community to work together to promote awareness of ovarian cancer.

• Financially support research endeavors at the National Cancer Research Institutes in connection with ovarian cancer to improve the survival rates for women with ovarian cancer.